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Insatiable Readers

Our voice over work was born out of a passion for reading aloud together. We have accumulated nearly 10,000 hours reading aloud as a family. Sam was the first person to articulate the desire to develop this passion into a profession. From there, it was a natural evolution. We are a family run business with many hours dedicated to our voice over work. Kaitlin (mom) manages all contact with clients, sound engineering and talent management. Sam has achieved her first goal of narrating an audiobook. She has also found an incredible avenue to work with people around the world collaboratively! She loves the process of creating the sound you need. Charlie has been a resounding success in marketing and entertainment with her playful and engaging voice. She brings a lot of personality and enthusiasm to her work! Gino is also in on the act. He has completed several projects with very happy clients. He has a sweet child's voice that we cherish every day.

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